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Workplace Sanitisation London

With the ongoing waves of the pandemic, it has become essential to keep workplaces clean throughout. It will be necessary to ensure that the workplace is sanitised even after the Covid-19. As a business, you want to make sure that your employees feel safe while coming to work. By getting workplace sanitisation London, you get to make sure that your place of work remains free of germs and safe for others to work in. Thames Hydroblasting offers you an efficient process to ensure this.

Five Steps For Workplace Sanitisation

At Thames Hydroblasting, there are about five steps followed to ensure that the workplace sanitisation is done effectively. Let’s look at what these steps are.

  1.   Test

The first one is all about testing. It involves the professionals to go to the site and check the spread of the germs in the area. Using the right tools and testing mechanisms, you will find this highly useful for detecting the intensity of the sanitisation that is required for your workplace. The Luminometer Data Analysis software is used for this to get all of the information there is about your surrounding area.

  1.   Instant Kill

The second step is about killing the viruses and bacteria present at the workplace. This involves the application of an ultra-sanitisation formula in every area which showcases an excessive spread of germs and bacteria. The tests are done in the first step to help with this process. The formula ensures that 99.99% of the germs are killed. The entire process is done manually using a special spraying mechanism.

  1.   Long-Lasting Protection

The third step is all about protecting you from any possible germs and bacteria for up to 28 days. The tool used for this is an electrostatic sprayer which entails a virus and bacteria protection formula. It is one of the most powerful protection sprays that you can get your hands on in the market. It is non-corrosive and 100% alcohol-free as well.

  1.   Up To 3-Years Protection

The fourth step is about getting more into the touchpoints around your workplace. These are the more commonly used areas of your workplace that need a little extra attention and protection. So, you will find that a liquid ceramic coating is applied to such areas for added safety. This protects the areas from viruses and bacteria for about three years.

  1.   Documentation

The last step revolves around maintaining our relationship with you through proper documentation. The documents offer you all of the details about the process that we carried out for your workplace sanitisation. Along with this, you also get to understand how your workplace has been and how we helped you overcome the spread of germs in the area.

Why Choose Thames Hydroblasting?

The entire process that Thames Hydroblasting carries out is safe and ensures that you remain protected for the longest possible duration. You will find that we use the right mixes of solution for prolonged safety of yours. Along with this, you will find that we maintain your confidentiality. All of your data and other information is safe with us. Connect to us so that we can give you more details about how we can help you.

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