Brixton Design Trail

As part of the Brixton Design Trail Eley Kishimoto has designed four colourful flash crossings to replace the existing crossings outside the Dogstar at the junction of Atlantic, Railton and Coldharbour.


Brixton Design Trail, Brixton SW9


Top Secret

As part of The London Design Festival, artists Camille Walala and Eley Kishimoto designed colourful pedestrian crossings in a bid to reimagine the everyday experience of crossing a road. Brixton crossings were required outside the Dogstar at the junction of Atlantic, Railton and Coldharbour funded by Brixton BID. The Southwark street pedestrian crossing was commissioned by Better Bankside and Transport for London. As well as being cultural hotspots, the areas also have a high volume of cars, cyclists and pedestrians; often making them precarious places to navigate.

THB were approached to see what methods and products would work as a pedestrian crossing and with potential designs.

In lieu of the clients needs, it became clear that the most effective solution would be using a preformed bespoke material.

The reasoning behind this being:

  • The designs were intricate and would have been harder to replicate by hand/ increased risk of error
  • The application time was a lot quicker than other methods and therefore caused less disruption to traffic
  • It is a cost effective alternative to other solutions and provided a more professional finish.

Our objective was to create a series of crossings using a preformed bespoke material in a short period of time.

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Crossings installed


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We successfully installed 5 crossings over two nights creating crossings that:

  • Transformed everyday infrastructure
  • Enhanced road safety & visibility
  • Became talking point and made BBC News

We can help you to design, create and implement any manner of preformed marking. Common subjects include: Company logos, Parking bay symbols, speed roundels and many other road signs.

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Brixton Design Trail

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